Pichulik's Magi Collection

Pichulik's FW collection is called Magi. It is inspired by stories of brave heroines, mythical creatures, gods and goddesses. Magi pays homage to these stories with a collection that inspires bravery, resilience and creates unadulterated wonder and awe at the miracle of life. 

Below is a selection of our favorite pieces.

1. Nazar Necklace

Pichulik Nazar Necklace for Ichyulu

The Nazar is a stunning soft rope necklace adorned with gold plated beads and recycled glass beads.

A Nazar  is an ocular amulet of azure blue, believed to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer.

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2. Garland Hoops

Pichulik Pearl Garland Hoops

These are brass hoops adorned with pearls and finished with a titanium pin.

A garland of pearl celebrates a new dawn built on truth and wholeness. Pearls also amplify your wisdom.

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3. Cantadora Earrings

Pichulik Cantadora Earrings

The showpiece from this collection, the Cantadora Earrings are made from custom brass oval pieces finished with braided rope. 

The name "Cantadora" is drawn  from ancient Spanish folklore, meaning "Keeper of Stories". 

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4. Seraphim Pendant

Pichulik Seraphim Pendant

A beautiful rope necklace with a brass pendant adorned with pearls.

Seraphim are angels representing light, ardor and purity. Symbolic of regeneration and purification, Seraphim encourages healing.

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