Here are 10 African Designers featured on Beyonce's Black Parade Route

Recently, Beyonce released the seminal "Black is King" visual album which reimagined  the Lion King and celebrated the African diaspora. Developed together with black creatives, visual artists and designers, "Black is King" is a visual feast highlighted the talent available across the Black and African diaspora.

As part of the release, Beyonce provided a directory called "Black Parade Route" on her website which highlighted Black and African designers. Below we highlight 10 designers who are proud to stock at Ichyulu.


AAKs Handcrafted Bags Made in Ghana

AAKS is a Ghanaian brand that produces beautiful handwoven bags made from raffia. Handcrafted by artisan women groups, each bag takes a week to make! 

Image features the Baw Pot Dot available here.

2. Ami Doshi Shah

Ami Doshi Shah Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Ami Doshi Shah is an artist, jeweller and maker of eclectic adornment which is inspired by materials locally found in Kenya and East Africa.

Image features the Quartz Torque available here.

3. Inzuki

Inzuki on Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Inzuki makes vibrant jewellery which is made from colorful sisal that is dyed and handwoven by artisans in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Image features the Kobwa Tassel Earrings available here.

4. Katush by Katungulu Mwendwa

Katush by Katungulu Mwendwa Beyonce Black Parade on Ichyulu

Katush by Katungulu Mwendwa is a Kenyan designer who designs trans seasonal pieces who experiments with modern techniques and traditional methods. 

Image features the Boroo Dress available here

5. Moshions

Moshions Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Moshions is our second Made in Rwanda brand that explores cultural symbols through modern techniques.

Image features the Imigongo Beaded Cardigan available here.

6. Maxhosa

Maxhosa Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Maxhosa is a South African knitwear brand that is inspired by traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism and colours.

Image features the Blue Cardigan available here

7. Nkwo

Nkwo Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Nkwo is a Nigerian designer who explores traditional craft skills through a modern lens. Her current focus is on textile waste reduction through the creation of a new textiles from second hand fabrics.

Image features the Fly Away Top available here.

8. Orange Culture

Orange Culture Beyonce Black Parade for Ichyulu

Orange Culture is a Nigerian brand that is a heady mixture of Nigerian inspired silhouettes, print fabrics and contemporary urban street wear.

Image features the Blue Adire Shirt available here

9. Selfi

Selfi Beyonce Black Parade on Ichyulu

Selfi is a Cape Town based ready to wear clothing brand  specialising in creating sustainable, bespoke ethical apparel and accessories.

Image features the Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit in Stone and Black available here. 

10. Sidai Designs

Sidai Designs Beyonce Black Parade on Ichyulu

Sidai Designs collaborates with Maasai women in Tanzania to create handmade contemporary jewelry and homewares. 

Image features the Porcupine Earrings available here

Congratulations to all the designers featured and you can shop their collections online!






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