Handwoven Kente Coat for Ichyulu

Behind Our Name

Ichyulu (ee・chew・lu) is derived from "Chyulu Hills" which means "Spotted Hills" and is a mountain range in Eastern Kenya.

Lalesso Dress for Ichyulu

Our Story

Established in 2016, Ichyulu is a concept store featuring hand-selected pieces from African Fashion and Design brands. Nairobi is our home but we host a wide variety of designers from the continent whom we have gotten to know through our travels and social media.

As a lover of African fashion and design, Ichyulu was set up to provide a platform that would connect designers with potential consumers and serve as an alternative distribution channel.

Katush by Katungulu Boroo Dress for Ichyulu

Our Ethos

Ichyulu's focus is to provide a curated retail experience for those who seek unique pieces to match their individual style. Part of our ethos is to celebrate the diversity of African fashion and design through showcasing the use of local materials , sustainable practices, custom prints and craftsmanship through a modern lens. We hand select everything and we make sure we love it first before we introduce it on the platform.

We believe in a thoughtful approach to fashion and design. We want our customers to love what they buy and want to have it as a staple piece in their wardrobe or home for years to come.

We also love photography so we use our editorial campaigns to work with the best talent in Kenya to create wonderful visual campaigns.

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