Form Earrings


The Form Earrings are a true statement piece featuring textured brass and patinated brass pieces with a aventurine ball at the back. Each piece comes in a custom wooden box for safe keeping.

They are part of Ami Doshi Shah's "Salt Collection" which explores salt’s ability to poison, erode and decay using the process of patina. Conversely, it looks at the material’s ability to create, rejuvenate and give life – the literal and physical manifestation – crystallization.

Length: 7.5cm

Materials: Aventurine, Patinated Brass, Textured Brass (Due to the unique nature of patination, the pieces might differ slightly from the image)

Please note that these earrings featured textured brass that has been hammered so you will get a pair similar to the 3rd  and 4th image

Made in Kenya

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