Jamaa Camp Collar Shirt (Dots I)


The Jamaa Shirt is an easy to wear button down shirt with a camp collar which is designed for everyday living. It has been handcrafted in Kenya using batik fabric. Batik is a hand dyed fabric made using a wax resist technique in which wax is stamped on 100% East African cotton to create unique designs and then dyed by artisans. These stamps were created especially for Lokol.

The Dots pattern reflects the randomness of life with their placement dependent entirely on the hand of the artisan.

Due to the nature of handmade textiles particularly batik, slight imperfections or marks may be visible. These are not defects but rather only add to the character behind each piece.

Fabric: 100% East African Cotton, hand batiked in Kenya

Care: Handmade garments require special care so we recommend gentle hand wash then hang to dry or cold machine wash on delicate. Due to the wax resist technique used, fabric may be stiff initially but will soften with wear.

Made in Kenya

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