Nyumbani Design

Nyumbani Design is a lifestyle and home ware range inspired by the beauty and colours of the Swahili coast. Founded by Kerry Glanfield, a fashion production and development specialist from the Cayman Islands in 2012, the label is a colourful amalgamation of her homes in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and East-Africa.

Naturally Tanzanian inspired, nyumbani design’s name originates from the Kiswahili word for ‘home’ and has become a focal point for her design aesthetic. 

The label’s signature encapsulates eye-catching African colours with hand-carved locally sourced wood. The jewellery range experiments with a variety of indigenous trees whereby each piece is sculpted by hand from different sections of wood, making each piece slightly different and unique in colour, ensuring that no two pieces are the same. 

Nyumbani Design believes in creating simple yet distinctively desirable pieces, handcrafted and shaped by skilled artisans throughout Tanzania. Dedicated to design, these playful signature pieces are deliciously collectible.