Perspectives - A Conversation with Pichulik

This week, Perspectives talks to Katherine-Mary Pichulik of PICHULIK. PICHULIK is a bespoke range of handcrafted neckpieces and ornamentation made in Cape Town, South Africa.


1. Tell us a little about yourself. What's your fashion background and history?

I am a trained artist and pastry chef. I fell into fashion out of a love for making things with my hands and an interest in ornamentation. PICHULIK has been around for just over 3 years and we have cultivated a loyal community of wearers which has led to some accolades by the fashion industry. We are interested in using jewellery for telling empowered stories.


2. What inspired your decision to start a business and why did you choose luxury fashion in the first place?

I have never found a perfect fit in an established employable position. Instead, I decided to create the type of businesses I would want to work in. "Luxury fashion" found me, I guess. I have no formal training; I started making the jewels that I would like to wear and people responded – thus with increasing interest PICHULIK grew.


3. You have a background in Fine Art. How would you say this has influenced your designs?

I think not having a traditional jewellery background means I don’t have a stagnant definition of what jewellery is – and I can play with these boundaries.


4. If you had to describe your mind / thought processes in terms of a design or artwork, what would it look like?

Spontaneous, intuitive, multi-sensorial, tactile and deeply emotional.


5. PICHULIK is often described as being for the brave woman. What does it mean to you to be a brave woman in this day and age?

Speaking and walking your truth. Getting silent enough to hear your inner stirrings. I think the most outrageous thing you can do as a woman these days is to like yourself just as you are without changing. The beauty, fashion and even medical industry profit on our feelings of inadequacy. Bravery can start by a simple growing self acceptance and self-worth that leads to self-care.


6. What kind of woman would you most like to see wearing your jewellery?

All women! Women who possess qualities of honesty, integrity, big-heartedness, bravery, kindness and a gracious spirit.


7. What do you wish more people knew about your jewellery?

I imagine these pieces as talismans that carry healing power through intention. I imagine each of these neckpieces across the world and send streams of love to each of the wearers. Sounds crazy, but I hope that each person who wears a piece is touched by it.


8. Tell us a little about your team that handcrafts your jewellery. Why did you choose these women to represent your brand?

We have a multi-faceted team, but the uniting feature is that every member is a brave, generous-hearted woman (plus two men) with a lot of humour and sass – not different to the women who wear our PICHULIK pieces!


9. PICHULIK has become a well-loved and respected brand in a fairly short space of time. Aside from producing great product, what do you accredit this to?

Genuine brand experiences, engaging with our loyal customers in authentic ways. Constantly engaging in new projects that push our creativity and audience. Being kind as opposed to important, throwing aside any snobbish notions that exist in the fashion industry to favour engagement, dialogue and connections.

10. What’s your vision going forward with PICHULIK?

PICHULIK is a conduit to create a space for women to have dialogue around themes of self-worth, empowerment and self-acceptance. I hope to create more vehicles to really aggregate these wisdom circles both online and in actual organised events.


Images courtesy of PICHULIK

Thank you to Katherine for speaking to Ichyulu!